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To begin with I would like to say "WELCOME"!  I have been raising AKC pups for over 23 years and I am proud to say I have acheived all I have ever hoped and dreamed for.  So, please, look and enjoy my website....

First of all, MY FAMILY......

The whole crew, including grandbabies!



And our ladies that keep it all sweet!

Last but most important......US

Colleen and Ernie


We are a family of 15!!  That's right! My husband and I have 6 biological children and 7 adopted children.  The Lord opened our hearts and our home to foster children some 20 years ago and created our amazingly large family.  We are also a homeschool family.  We have been homeschooling our children since day of school age.  Let's see......since 1994 and I have a minimum of another 12 years to go.  It has been a challenge and definitely a huge blessing.  We are also a Christian family that gives all glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for he died on the cross for our sins so that we can have a relationship with him forever.  We are originally from California.  In 2005, the Lord called our family alongside my best friend and her family to Kentucky.  And here is where we serve God in our daily life, in our hobbies, in our raising our children, and in our serving our community.  I pray that through my breeding and selling of puppies, people will see the love of Christ through me.  I began breeding approximately 22 years ago. It is something we do as a family and enjoy every minute of it.  It is alot of work but what isn't! If there is anything of importance, it should take commitment, hard work, enjoyment, and fullfillment.  I hope that as you view my site, exchange texts, emails, phone calls with me, that you will understand my love for my family, my doggies, and my Lord.

We work hard and we have alot of fun. Below you will see we love fun!


*grandbabies are the best"



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