Deposit or Pay in Full

If you would like to place a $500 NON'REFUNDABLE deposit, or pay in full, please contact me first. Deposits can be made by either Venmo or Paypal Invoice. Deposit fee may be different for each litter. After completed, I will mark your pup "pending".

Deposits are non'refundable, but can be held for a future pup of your choice if decision is made before pup is 8 wks old.  After placing a deposit,  balance on puppy must be paid before puppy turns 8 wks. old, unless arrangements have been made with breeder.  After that, deposit will be forfeited.  I do not want  my pups to be spoken for and then at an older age, rejected and then have to find another home after bonding with my family.

"BEFORE BIRTH DEPOSITS" If someone places a "before birth deposit" and the Dam does not produce, then the buyer will get first pick of next litter.



As a breeder, i cannot 100% guarantee size, color, or breeding ability. We strive to give you our best guess due to our experience as to those issues, weight charts, etc. Therefore, there are no guarantees.



There is a 6% sales tax that will be added to purchase if you reside in the state of Kentucky.

There is also a 3 1/2% charge for paypal use, add 3 1/2% to your deposit amount. If you do not add the paypal use fee to deposit, it will be added to your final balance.



I do offer a health guarantee on my pups. In order to receive a health guarantee for your pup, I require a vet check up to be done within 3 working days of purchase of your pup.  Guaranatee covers anything genetic that is life threatening (heart, lungs, kidneys). I do not cover things that are common to the breed. Please know the breed before committing to loving them for the rest of their lives. I can email buyer a copy of guarantee before purchase if needed.



* You have the choice, when purchasing a pup from me, to also purchase a puppy kit. This cuts down on the rushed trip to the petstore. The kit includes all necessities for your new family member. Price for kit is $100 if your pup costs under $1000. The kit is included with your pup for FREE if your pup costs $1000 or more. If your pup is $1000 or more, you will also take home a beautiful playpen.

Included in kit: carrier, bedding, toy, collar, leash, brush, vitamins, food, treats, food and water bowls, potty pads,and care information.



I love getting pictures of your puppies in your family!! It's great to see how happy they are and how happy your family is with our babies!! If you can send me pictures with your name and address, I will surely send you a gift for efforts to share!