Caring For Your New Puppy

This is an awesome playpen for new puppies.  It comes with a zip on top, waterbottle holder, and 2 zip up doors.  The bottom is water resistant.  I love it!!!

When a puppy leaves my home, there are some things you need to aware of.  I would like your time with your new friend to be the most enjoyable for all of you.  Your puppy is still considered an infant.  Keeping a few suggestions in mind will safeguard your puppy against exhaustion and anxiety, and may help you and your family truly enjoy this new member. 

1.  SLEEP  :  Over the next two or three weeks, your puppy will take 3 or 4 long naps daily.  Distrubances of his/her sleep pattern will result in crying, discontentment, and a very nervous pup.  Show puppy his/her bed and take puppy back there 30 minutes after feeding, to sleep.

2.  FEEDING  :  Approximately 1/4 cup of dry Blue Buffalo puppy food, moistened with warm water, 2 times a day (breakfast, dinner) if the pup is under 8 wks. of age.  You can add dry food little by little starting at 8 wks. of age.  Always have water available.

3.  IN/OUT  :  Puppy can play outdoors for a short period of time if it is a warm day.  If you need a sweater, or if puppy begins to shiver, he/she should not be out more than 20 min.  Concrete, asphalt, and the ground are too cold to lie down on; puppies cannot regulate their body temperature like adult dogs can, until they are approx. 4 months old.

4.  POTTY  :  Outdoor potty training may begin at about 10 wks. of age.  Please wait until pup has had it's 2nd shot.  He/she will identify his/her area by smell.  If you choose to continue with paper training, leave a paper that was wet on under new layer.  Papers should be placed away from eating and sleeping areas.  After puppy eats, you will need to take it to potty area until finished.  Typical potty times are right after eating, right after waking up, and about once every 30 min.  The easiest potty training method is "Crate Training" which I include in my puppy pack at time of purchase.  The goal is for you to control your puppy, not your puppy control you.  People have been know to pad train their pup (I did) to potty on a pad in the house.  That way, you don't worry about bad weather.  I can give you information on that also.

5.  AKC  :  An application for AKC registration has been included in your paperwork at time of purchase.  If you misplace the application, contact me immediately.

6.  ANXIETY  :  It is hard on a puppy to be moved to a new home, away from it's siblings.  Some things to be aware of are listed.  (A)Puppy may cry at night for 1 or 2 days; try using a crate with a light weight sheet over the top.  Make sure your pup has something soft to snuggle up to.  (B) Puppy may not eat much for the first 48 hours; if he/she is butterball round, don't worry.  If he/she is on the slim side, add a little canned food.  Pup will think it is a treat.  (C) Puppy can get an upset tummy on the first ride in a car.  If so, hold off feeding for atleast 2 hours, letting the tummy settle.

* If there is anything I did not answer in this guide, please feel free to call me at any time.  270-308-5625 or